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Get your bike fixed ASAP!

It's that time of the year!


Make sure to book your spring appointment and skip the waiting line to get your bike looked at.

For a general maintenance, bring your bike in on the day of the appointment during opening hours. Get your bicycle back within 1 to 4 days.

For any minor repairs, such as a punctured tire, a gear adjustment, a brake adjustment, or any other "quick fix", book the day and time that fits your schedule with our online booking service.

Click the BOOK NOW button in the menu of this website to reserve your spot!





Cleaning of the frame and wheels

Brake adjustment

Gear adjustment

Hubs adjustment

Minor wheel alignment

Lubrification of the transmission

Check and inflation of tires

Safety check of all bolts and screws








Includes TUNE UP 1 +

Disassembly and complete cleaning of transmission

Major wheel alignment (axial & radial)

Greasing of derailleur pivots and jockey wheels

Greasing of brake pivots or cleaning of calipers






Tune-up 3 


Includes TUNE UP 2 +

Cleaning and greasing of bottom bracket

Cleaning and greasing of steering column